MyBattery Platform™

Industry superior one-of-a-kind global state-of-health (SOH) battery monitoring platform for telecom carriers, battery manufacturers, service providers, as well as numerous other remote site applications, regardless of size or scope.

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Getting started

MyBattery Platform™ is an unmatched intercontinental battery health monitoring platform specifically developed by BatteryDAQ and Blue Express experts, to easily and effectively manage large amounts of battery data for any number of sites.

The platform overcomes historical obstacles for monitoring remote sites for any market that requires batteries to be installed at unmanned or infrequently visited locations that must stay operational during power outages.

Additionally, it enables companies that do not have the necessary manpower, or the required budget to manually test its battery strings, to lower maintenance expenses, while ensuring their backup power does not fail when needed.

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All of your batteries

MyBattery Platform™ has no limit in number of sites or batteries. It is compatible with BatteryDAQ Sentry and many vendors' BMS.

Our recent release also includes applications for ESS - Energy Storage System, to route data from your existing battery management interface.

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Flexible Hosting

Enable your technicians to access battery data and alarm from anywhere with smart phones, tablets, or laptops.

Option #1: Subscribe to BatteryDAQ cloud hosting

Option #2: Purchase a server package from BatteryDAQ and set it up in your office

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